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Product Description

A half life-size plastic skeleton (85cm tall) with nerve roots, vertebral artery, a herniated disc, cartilage highlighted in green. An ideal reduced size skeleton for teaching about the basics of the anatomy of the skeletal system and spine where space is limited.
The 85cm tall skeleton with nerve roots represents the 200 bones that make up the human skeletal system, and the limbs can be moved to show an approximation of joint articulation. The 3 part skull features a movable jaw and a removable calvarium, and the legs can be removed for study or easy transport of the skeleton. This desktop skeleton is easily assembled without the use of tools, and can be removed from the stand if required.
A hard wearing and washable reduced size skeleton model, ideal for schools and for introductory anatomy demonstrations.


一半大小的塑料骨架(高85厘米),带有神经根,椎动脉,椎间盘突出,软骨以绿色突出显示。 一个理想的减小尺寸的骨架,用于教授空间受限的骨骼系统和脊柱的解剖学基础知识。
带有神经根的85厘米高的骨骼代表构成人体骨骼系统的200块骨头,四肢可以移动以显示关节关节的近似状态。 头骨由三部分组成,具有可移动的颚骨和可移动的颅骨,可以将腿移开以进行研究或轻松运输骨骼。 该桌面骨架无需使用工具即可轻松组装,并可根据需要从支架上卸下。

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