Osteoporosis Model 骨骼疏松模型
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Anatomical models are essential teaching tools for professors, lecturers, and medical professionals while facilitating supplementary education to students of anatomy and physiology. It is a perfect bone reproduction for a detailed study of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a medical illness that arises when the human body loses bone mass and density.This impairs the bones which makes it more likely to suffer breakage.

The Osteoporosis bone model includes 3 medially separated lumbar vertebrae bones which also hold the invertebral discs.
The top piece exhibits a healthy bone.
• the medial portion displays the formation of osteoporosis.
• the third bone part showcases a progressed stage of osteoporosis characterized by leveled plates, deformation and loss of bone mass.
This segregated spine bone model is mounted on a stand with a sturdy base.
Any student can easily compare the 3 bone sections and most importantly, the bones can be individually dislodged from the stand for performing a comprehensive examination.
- Includes 3 medially separated lumbar vertebrae bones with invertebral discs
- The bone replica exhibits the progression of osteoporosis
- Mounted on a stand with a sturdy base
- Bones can be individually dislodged for a comprehensive examination 
Material: PVC
Color: White:
Size : 16cm x 12cm x 10cm

特征 :
尺寸:16cm x 12cm x 10cm


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