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These bamboo cups are a more traditional and natural approach to cupping. The bamboo cups are light, cooler, and finished smoothed for comfort and safety. Some therapists will even boil bamboo cups in herbal or aromatic leaves to infuse them with the plant's aromatic properties.
这些竹杯是一种更传统和自然的拔罐方法。 竹杯轻便,凉爽,经过平滑处理,舒适安全。 一些治疗师甚至会在草药或芳香叶子中煮沸竹杯,为植物提供芳香的特性。

  • Easy to take, simple to make, light and durable, easy to carry, economical, not easy to break.
  • Bamboo cans have high adsorption capacity and can be used for muscles such as shoulders and shoulders. They are also used in wrists, ankles, backs, backs, shoulders and necks. Compared with small-diameter glass jars, the adsorption force has obvious advantages. 
  • In the application, the bamboo can therapy can be placed in the boiled liquid and then sucked and extracted into the acupoint or the body surface to improve the local blood circulation by the negative pressure, and can also be locally fumigated by the penetration of the liquid. Double effect, strengthen the therapeutic effect.
  • 取材方便,制作简单,轻便耐用,便于携带,经济实惠,不易破碎. 
  • 竹罐吸附力大,可以用于肩背等肌肉丰满之处,而且应用于腕,踝,足背,手背,肩颈等皮薄肉少的部位,与小口径玻璃罐比较,吸附力具有明显优势.
  • 竹罐疗法在应用时可放于煮沸的药液中煎煮后吸拔于腧穴或体表,即可通过负压改善局部血液循化,又可借助药液的渗透起到局部熏蒸作用,形成双重功效,加强治疗作用。

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