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Moxibustion therapy is traditional Chinese medicine therapy that consists of burning dried mugwort on particular points of the body. While the therapy has historically been popular in Far Eastern countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Mongolia, in recent times it has become more popular in the West.
MOXA PASTE - Safe and comfor different form traditional ones,our moxa sticks have smoke vents at the center of base allowing heat smoke touch your skin.With a round piece of metal around the bottom of the moxa cone,the heat will never melt the base.

Product Usage: 
  • EASY TO USE - Moxa Paste have self-adhesive base,tear off the backing and light up the tip of moxa sticks,a homey moxibustion is ready to go,paste the base on the skin directly and enjoy your treatment.Make sure the flame be extinguished after using.
  • Each Moxa Paste can burning for at least 10 minutes
  • 容易于使用 - 艾艾贴有自粘基底,撕下背衬,点亮艾条棒尖,温馨的艾灸即可,直接将基质贴在皮肤上,享受治疗。确保火焰为使用后熄灭。
  • 每个艾灸贴可以燃烧至少10分钟,按照图表享受艾灸的乐趣。

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