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The x-ray viewer high-penetration, ionizing radiation is used to capture photos of dense tissues such as bones and teeth, helping to see X-ray film.

Product Details :
- LED Light
- Energy saving control
- Lower power consumption
- Elegant frame and compatible design
- Self-induction medical film viewer
- Adopt LED backlight and high frequency inverted technology, no flash or fake film.
- Exquisite profile, 45mm thickness, hangs to the wall or lay on the table, save space.
- Anti-ultraviolet ray, never fade in color, light is tender and protective to eyes. - ≥10,000lux luminosity, ≥ 90% uniformity, shows the film crystal clear.
- With ≥ 10 digital grades to adjust brightness (300-4500cd/m2) or more.
- Adopt rare earth Al alloy, transmutation-resistant, high weather ability.
- Be suit for clinic to observe CT, MRI, X-Ray film or for photographers.
- Each section works independently, adjustable brightness.
- Viewer Size :
72 cm X 42 cm

产品详情 :
- LED灯
-抗紫外线,永不褪色,光线柔和,对眼睛有保护作用。 -≥10,000lux的光度,≥90%的均匀度,表明薄膜晶莹剔透。
-使用≥10个数字等级调节亮度(300-4500cd / m2)或更高。
-观众尺寸:72厘米X 42厘米

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