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Kangzhu cupping sets are made with high standards and quality principles.  The plastic cupping sets are durable, light weight, and easy to use with the hand gripped vacuum pump.  Each Kangzhu cupping set is quality inspected at the manufacturer who is a ISO9001 quality management certified company.  It incorporates suction cupping techniques and includes biomagnetic needles.  The transparent cups let you adjust the pressure to the patients own comfort level and allows you to see the reddening progress of the treatment.

康祝拔罐器采用高标准,高质量的原则制成。 塑料拔罐器坚固耐用,重量轻,易于使用手持式真空泵。 每个康珠拔罐器都经过ISO9001质量管理认证的制造商的质量检验。它结合了抽吸拔罐技术,包括生物磁针。 透明杯让您可以根据患者自身的舒适度调节压力,让您看到治疗的红色进展

Product Descriptions:
  • This joint cupping set 3 is designed specifically for relief of pain on joints.
  • Curved cup mouth allows practitioners to adapt cups on ankles, knees, elbows, shoulders and other joints.
  • These body parts are not very easy to work on with regular cups.
  • Practitioner is able to monitor status of skin in treatment through the lightweight and transparent joint cups.
  • Curved cup is clear and shatter-resistant plastic.
Product Specifications:
  • Material: ABS Shatter-Resistant Plastic
  • Color: Transparent
  • Cup Diameter: 3cm / 4cm / 6cm
1 Set of Package Includes:
1 x 6cm (Diameter) Curved Cup
1 x 4cm (Diameter) Curved Cup
1 x 3cm (Diameter) Curved Cup

  • 此关节拔罐器3专为缓解关节疼痛而设计。
  • 弯曲的杯子嘴使从业人员可以在脚踝,膝盖,肘部,肩膀和其他关节上适应杯子。
  • 这些身体部位不太容易与普通杯子一起使用。
  • 从业者能够通过轻巧透明的接缝杯监测治疗中的皮肤状况。
  • 弯曲的杯子是透明且防摔的塑料。
  • 材质:ABS防碎塑料
  • 颜色:透明
  • 杯子直径:3厘米/ 4厘米/ 6厘米
1 x 6cm(直径)弯曲杯
1 x 4cm(直径)弯曲杯
1 x 3cm(直径)弯曲杯


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