Surgical Spirit 75% 医用消毒酒精
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Surgical spirit is a solution of ethanol, methanol and some other ingredients. The important application of surgical spirit is to disinfect small cuts and for sterilising and hardening the skin. Surgical spirit can also used as household cleansing agent. Surgical spirit works against bacteria, virus and fungus.
医用消毒酒精是乙醇,甲醇和一些其他成分的溶液。 医用消毒酒精的重要应用是对小切口进行消毒,并对皮肤进行消毒和硬化。 医用消毒酒精也可用作家庭清洁剂。 医用消毒酒精可抵抗细菌,病毒和真菌。

!! Safety Notes !! 安全注意事项 !!
  • Do not drink. 不可饮用
  • Keep container tightly closed. 保持容器密闭
  • Keep away from sources of ignition. No smoking. 远离有能制造火的东西。 禁止吸烟
  • Avoid contact with eyes & keep away from children. 避免接触眼睛并远离儿童。

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